Yew Jin

Software Engineer at Google by day. Web3 degen by night.


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My name is Yew Jin, Lim. I am currently a Software Engineer at Google in its Mountain View campus. I received a Bachelors of Mathematics Double Honors Degree in Pure Mathematics and Computer Science (With Distinction) from the University of Waterloo in June 2000. I then returned to Singapore and entered into national service in July 2000. Upon completion of full-time national service in Nov 2002 as a naval officer, I enrolled in the National University of Singapore in Jan 2003 after receiving the A*Star-NUS Graduate Fellowship. I obtained a PhD in Computer Science from the School of Computing, NUS, in September 2007. I joined Google in Nov 2007 and have worked in Search since then.

I am very interested in crypto and web3 - yewjin.eth directs here.

Note about my name

In Asia, the standard template for names is reversed i.e., [LAST NAME] [FIRST NAME] To avoid any confusion, my last name is Lim. My first name is a double first name and basically consists of two separate words, Yew Jin, and when pronounced, sounds like “Eugene”. In fact, over the years, I respond more readily to “Eugene” than the proper pronunciation of my name!

Anecdote about my name

One of the most entertaining conversations in my life is with a school administrative officer from the University of Waterloo.

Officer: “Is you there?”
YJ: “Yes, I am here.”
Officer: “You Lim?”
YJ: “Yes, I am Lim.”
Officer: “Are you you Lim?”
YJ: realization
YJ: “Yes, I am Yew Lim.”

selected publications

  1. Variational Bayesian approach to movie rating prediction
    Yew Jin Lim, and Yee Whye Teh
    In Proceedings of KDD cup and workshop 2007